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Teaching Philosophy

In my teaching, I strive to facilitate a community of learning based in intellectual curiosity and mutual respect. I view the classroom as a space for my students and myself to learn from one another, build off our prior knowledge rooted in our own local histories, and think critically about the social world. 


I believe that the first step towards facilitating diversity in the classroom is in the course design and syllabus construction. As a feminist and anti-racist educator, one way that I work to decolonize education is through teaching the work of marginalized scholars and disciplines, including feminist, queer, crip, decolonial, and critical race theories (depending on the course topic and objectives). I also work to convey information through as many different modes as possible (e.g. lectures, readings, podcasts, films, and interactive classroom activities) and diversify assignment types (e.g. exams, research papers, reflection/free write assignments, blog posts, and visual projects like concept mapping) to accommodate students’ different learning styles and ways of processing and conveying information. During class, I work to remain cognizant of how power and privilege are operating in the space and give students the tools to think critically about this as well, using the first week to establish agreed upon norms of intellectual engagement that will allow everyone to feel heard and valued while growing intellectually. 

Courses Taught*

Critical Thinking about Social Issues

Introduction to Sociology

Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality in American Society

Qualitative Analysis & Field Researh

Sexualities & Society

Social Problems

*course syllabi available upon request

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