Jamie O'Quinn 


Jamie O’Quinn is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research and teaching interests include sexualities; race, gender, and class; children and youth; marriage and the family; and qualitative methods.

Jamie's core research agenda examines how sexual inequalities are reproduced through social institutions. She received her master’s in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University in 2016. For her MA thesis, Jamie conducted a queer analysis of an LGBTQ-inclusive sexuality education curriculum, understanding how progressive visions of sexuality education envision young people’s sexual futures. This paper, co-authored with Jessica Fields, is now published at Sexuality Research and Social Policy.


Her dissertation, Married as Minors: Young Women’s Experiences with US “Child Marriage”, is scheduled for defense in May 2022. This research provides a sociology of US child marriage, or marriage including individuals under 18 years-old, through life history interviews with women who were married as minors, field observations, and interviews with feminist activists. Child marriage is currently legal and practiced in 45 US states. In this research, Jamie examines how gender and racial inequality are institutionalized for women who become married as minors, how young women who are married as minors construct meaning around marriage, relationships, and sexuality, and how racialized discourses of child marriage in the Global South impact how activists frame child marriage in the United States.


Jamie is also a Graduate Fellow and former manager of the Urban Ethnography Lab, a Graduate Affiliate of the Rapoprt Center for Human Rights and Justice, and is completing a doctoral portfolio in Women's and Gender Studies.

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